ARJ electrical install & check safety switch

RCD Installation Dianella

RCD Installation Dianella in Perth – *$190 per RCD switch supplied & installed.

Laws introduced in Western Australia in 2009 require all home sellers (before sale) and landlords to install at least two RCDs, protecting all power points and lighting circuits.

What is an RCD?

RCDs monitor the flow of electricity from the main switchboard and prevent electrocution by cutting the electricity supply if an imbalance in the current is detected. By installing at least two RCDs, the property’s circuits can be divided evenly. This ensures some light and power remain if one RCD operates and also minimises faulty operation from appliances which have low-level leakage current. All properties constructed from the year 2000 should already have two RCDs fitted. RCD’s are also known as safety switches.

Home Electrical Services & RCD Installation in Dianella

ARJ Electrical Services provide RCD Installation in Dianella and surrounding areas. Qualified & fully licensed electrician, providing high quality residential electrical work in Dianella.

As an Australian Owner/Operator business with high integrity and respect, we service Dianella’s residential homes in a professional and ethical manner. Experienced electrician, personal service, quality work on all your electrical needs.

When you are in need of a domestic electrician in Dianella, we can guarantee a stress-free electrical experience when you contact ARJ Electrical Services, your local Dianella professional electrician, to help you find a solution and fix the issue.   ARJ Electrical Services’ customers praise us for being prompt, punctual and for treating their homes with great care.


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