electrician 5 star review currambine

Cannot recommend highly enough

ARJ Electrical was about the 7th electrician I had used as a homeowner over three houses – while no major issues except with one I had never been impressed enough to settle on one as the ‘go to’ so would always look for a new one each time and consider the whole process of getting electrical work done very fraught and uncertain.

I have now used ARJ Electrical consistently for the last 9 years and always been really happy with the work done, reliability and prices. It has been great to know that there will not be issues with price or work, and so it has made getting electrical work done stress free, knowing there will be no issues and a good price.

Since the first work back in 1998 I have changed pretty much all the lights in my house over (they were ugly 80s), had an external light put in, had smoke detectors replaced, a new circuit? put in for my granny flat to reduce the load on main one (at about half the cost of what the first person had quoted), had USB outlets installed, brand new lights and points installed, switches change over etc.

In all cases I have been really happy with the work and prices (with an hourly rate being suggested to save me money for some work) and he has even come out to check on something for me a few times or given advice over phone and not charged. Cannot recommend highly enough – it is so nice to have a really trustworthy tradie and has made a big difference over the years.